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the pure nature of abloom

The pure healing power of nature is central to Abloom because we are nature ourselves.

An abundance of organic, active ingredients is showcased in its artisanally crafted skincare line for all skin types.

"I believe in the purifying and nourishing power of herbs and plants for my skin, in products that do not burden but honor our planet."

by author Susan Smit

Abloom philosophy

Abloom's philosophy is based on the proven power of natural, wild ingredients. The pure life force of plants connects with the skin and its needs: our bodies recognize pure, natural vitamins, minerals, enzymes, fats, and amino acids and fully absorb them to restore balance. With 22 to 32 active ingredients in each product, there is always something offered that the skin requires at that moment. It is suitable for maintaining, nourishing, correcting, and beautifying any skin type. Thus, an oil, lotion, or cream from Abloom is not merely a dish in a pump bottle but a complete buffet.

Natural time

Abloom respects the delicate process through which the active ingredients of its skincare line come to fruition. Just as plants, flowers, and trees thrive in a time dictated by seasons, lunar cycles, days, and nights, Abloom ensures favorable conditions necessary for optimal development and extraction of active substances. The ingredients are processed without heat: never exceeding 34 degrees Celsius. This raw approach ensures that none of the plant's power is lost. Sufficient time is also given to extract all active substances from the plant extracts: the ingredients rest for ninety days in vats. Just as a cup of tea will be more flavorful when the tea leaves have been steeped for a long time, there is a higher concentration of medicinal compounds after this resting period. In a factory, this process would inevitably be shortened, which is why it has been chosen to produce artisanally and in-house in the Netherlands. By respecting the power of nature and 'natural time,' Abloom pays homage to the wild aspect of plant power; the mystery of the life force of a plant or herb that can be transferred to the skin.

Beauty elixir

The creams, cleansers, lotions, peels, masks, and oils of Abloom are made according to their own recipes, originally developed on a farm in Drenthe. Herbalism becomes alchemy when selecting carefully chosen plants, herbs, fruit seeds, roots, flowers, algae, and seeds. The combinations of high-quality ingredients that have synergy and reinforce each other make each skincare product an elixir. Abloom sources its ingredients from local farmers who work biodynamically and consciously sustainably. They work pesticide-free and in harmony with the cycles in nature. For example, to ensure the therapeutic effect of the crops, they spray seawater over the crops and incorporate minerals and shells into the soil. The skincare products are not water-based but based on aloe vera and cold-pressed oils. Unlike with water, bacteria do not thrive here, and no preservatives are needed. Trusting that people are attracted to and satisfied by high-quality skincare products, Abloom makes no compromises on quality.

Pure and reliable

"If you can't eat it, don't put it on your skin," is Abloom's adage because the skin, the body's largest organ, absorbs everything. More and more people are becoming aware of the food they eat, the clothes they wear, and the beauty products they apply to their skin and hair. Every month, two or three ingredients in facial and body care are removed from the market as they prove to be harmful and are banned. Synthetic, manipulated, and chemically processed substances elicit a skin stress response due to their deviant molecular structure. The body's natural system recognizes it as unnatural. Sustainability and cruelty-free production are also becoming increasingly important - even if there is a cost associated with it. All Abloom products are free of chemicals, microplastics, toxins, and unnatural additives. What is good for your skin is good for the planet.


Not only the ecological impact but also the social impact is considered in the approach. Abloom chooses not to work with large chains but only with small entrepreneurs. The products are available in beauty salons and shops run by small business owners, often women.


Abloom does not advocate an anti-aging philosophy where advancing age is presented as something shameful. Aging is a natural and valuable process, but premature aging of the skin can be counteracted with the best from nature that restores, nourishes, stimulates, refreshes, and hydrates at a cellular level. The result is a healthy, radiant, fresh, and youthful-looking skin for people of all ages.

Abloom's skincare is therapy for the skin, in harmony with bodily processes and the gifts of the earth.