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" Abloom is like a complete vegetarian buffet for your skin....."

Barbara is our in house skin therapist and will answer all your questions regarding your skin concerns and how to use our organic skincare products. She will give you advice on how to improve the condition of your skin and maintain a healthy and radiant glow. Meet her in person....

Can you tell me a little bit about your background and experience in the beauty industry?

When I was young I already believed in the healing power of nature. I was fascinated with creams, face masks and gave friends and family facials and massages on a regular basis . Armed with a wicker basket and a book entitled Natural Beauty I spend many hours in search of botanical ingredients to make my own rose water, herbal masks and hair tonicums. The logical choice for me was to study skin therapy. I specialized in skin infections such as rosacea, acne and eczema . Very early on I also invested my time in food study. In my opinion you cannot give great skin advice without some advice on food as well . Besides running my own beauty salon I also am an international trainer for Abloom. 

There are so many organic | vegan skincare brands to choose from. Why Abloom? 

I have been working in the industry for over 30 years, but no other brand contains so many botanical ingredients, is raw prepared, is vegan, organic and absolutely efficient in skin improvement. The slow procedure results in taking all enzymes, minerals, vitamins, amino acids etc out of the plants, herbs, flowers, roots etc. Nothing is lost ! This means that your skin gets a complete vegetarian buffet to do all functions that are needed to produce collagen and elastine, stimulate blood flow, balances sebum and slows down the aging proces of the skin.

What is the biggest mistake people make when using skincare?

First : cleaning the skin too often. It may sound a bit weird maybe crazy to say as a beautician, but I never clean my face in the morning. The sweat your skin excreeds during the night can be easily washed away with (cold) water. Cold water is very good for your skin : it trains the muscles and stimulates blood flow. Of course clean your face in the evening because of make up, dirt, fine dust etc. If you wash your face too often your skin will lack the necessary sebum. Sebum is anti-bacterial, anti- viral, retains moisture in the skin and gives it a youthful appearance. 

Second : the use of aggressive ingredients, like phenoxylethanol or sodium laureth sulfate,strip the skin of the good bacteria. You need your skin to be naturally oily….sebum is your best friend ! 

What is the best advice to give when you are not sure which products to buy for your skin?

It is a big cosmetic jungle out there… many brands and so many choices ! My advice would be to check as often as possible the ingredients. Skincare is not about promises, packaging or a product being niche…..It is about : what is in there ! If you type “INCI” + the name of the brand you will land on the incidecoder page. This website documents many skincare brands and mentions if ingredients are “green” “orange” or “red”. A handy tool !

Also if you are doubting : keep it simple….if you are “lost” buy a soft but effective cleanser, a sun protection cream ( the best anti-aging product ) a peeling and an oil. Always an oil! For almost every skin condition. A natural oil retains moisture, balances sebum and gives precious fatty acids to the skin. Always use oil last in your skin care routine.

Why is it important to commit yourself to a skincare regime? 

I always say : you need a skincare routine like you need an eating routine. Your skin is an organ which needs to EAT.  If it gets healthy, balanced food every day, it will optimize and stimulate all the functions. The right skincare food will slow down the aging proces, brighten your complexion, minimize your pores, tighten and firm your skin. Food firstly goes to the most vital organs like your brain and liver. and last to your skin….so it is important to give your skin “food” from the outside, every day !

Beside the reason mentioned above, a skincare routine is endulging…..a moment of relaxation and time for yourself. Your hands contain energy, by touching your skin you vitalize your skin.

I always hear that topical (creams) can’t improve your skin. So what you put on will not have a huge impact. Do you agree? 

You should not forget that your skin is an excretion organ…..this means that the main function of the skin is to put OUT toxins and sweat. But it also does excrete the necessary sebum. The skin does absorb but not everything. Just  below the surface of the skin you will find which is called the “Reinse Barriere” ; a filter that makes sure your skin does not absorb water. Otherwise we would turn into a Michelin guy after showering. Products with water don’t penetrate deeper than the first two layers of the skin. Products without water work on a deeper level of the skin.

The use of Aloe Vera in Abloom products will ensure penetration of ingredients on a deeper level. Aloe Vera contains lignin, a cellulose compound which has the ability to go beyond the “Reinse Barriere”. But …….we also need ingredients at the surface of the skin, where sun radiation and other free radicals “attack” your skin. Oil for example stays a little bit more on the surface than a cream or a serum. But this is necessary to neutralize free radicals right at the surface. 

And if you want to be sure that you get the most out of the ingredients : always massage your products firmly into the skin. Massage increases the blood flow and makes your tiny veins permeable….absorbtion at its best !

What is your favourite Abloom product ?

The Miracle Oil is one of my favorites but it is not easy to choose. I could not live without the creams either (and all other products) But I am a huge fan of natural oils, one of your best friends in skincare.

Can you tell me about Abloom's Signature treatment ?

The Signature Treatment is a unique facial which is based on the Anthroposophy: the knowledge of rhythms. The deep tissue and lymphatic drainage contain one gesture which is called the “Rhythmical massage therapy”. This is combined ofcourse with the use of the Abloom peeling, masks, serums and day / night care.

Can I book an appointment with you for this facial? 

You can absolutely book an appointment! 

Contact me at:

How can I keep my skin healthy young and radiant? 

Never forget that skincare is not a miracle solution….if you want a radiant healthy youthful skin: don’t forget to eat healthy, exercise, minimize stress hormones and take good quality supplements. I can give you (besides skinadvice) also food and supplement advice and all over lifestyle advice.

In nature, everything we need is already present. We don't need to process anything.

Barbara 's favourite products

#1 purifying Cleanser

In the mornings I wake my skin up with cold water. I only use the purifying cleanser in my night routine to get rid of dirt and make up.

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#2 hydrating toner

I can't do without this toner. It contains a wealth of beautiful ingredients that have anti aging and hydrating properties. And this toner prepares my skin for the next step.

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#3 Luminous SPF day cream Sun Kissed

An absolute winner for me. This multi purpose BB cream gives my skin an even, radiant glow thanks to the coloured pigments in it. On top of that it protects my skin from UV rays and it keeps my skin hydrated and well nourished.

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#4 Eye cream

I always say; invest in a good eye cream after your twenties to keep the wrinkles and fine lines at bay. This Eye cream contains 35 different natural ingredients that hydrate, nourish, protect and rejuvenate the delicate skin around your eyes.

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#5 Collagen Boost Mask

I use this mask once a week. It contains high doses of red fruits. They are not only healthy to eat, they’re very good for your skin as well. Strawberries, blackberries and raspberries are particularly high in antioxidants and protect your skin at the cellular level. Red fruits are packed with polyphenols; micronutrients that stimulate collagen production, fight cell damage and help repair and renew the skin. 

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