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Acne prone skin

It is important to understand what causes acne. During puberty one of the processes that will take place is the (over)stimulation of sebum production. This is due to testosterone, which is important in both men and women for the entire reproductive mechanism. The skin gets oilier and there is more growth medium for bacteria. The result: inflammation and/or pimples. Women often start at that same time in their lives with make-up, which usually contains mineral oil. Mineral oil will close off the skin which will make it more difficult to 'breathe'. Some people experience a "dirty" feeling at the sight of a pimple and will (aggressively) start cleaning their face which in turn will remove too much sebum again. You'll need this same sebum while fighting bad bacteria. So acne is often a self-induced vicious circle without you even realizing it. The exception is adult acne: if a woman still has acne prone skin after puberty, there are other causes.

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Abloom Slow Skincare don't clean your face too often

Don't get too clean

Our skin therapist advices not to clean your face too often. You don't want your skin to be too clean. The good bacteria in your sebum are very effective against the bad bacteria that cause acne. In the morning splash your face with cold water and only clean your face at night, using our Abloom Organic Purifying Cleanser. The therapeutic and anti-septic ingredients are very gentle and will not further irritate your skin.

Organic Purifying Cleanser
Abloom Slow Skincare Organic Soothing Lotion

Calm the inflammation

Use our Organic Soothing Lotion in the evening after the cleanser. Our lotion contains frankincense, orange and lavender: ingredients that are anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial and help calm and soothe the skin.

Organic Soothing Lotion
Abloom Slow Skincare Organic Miracle Oil

Use a 100% natural oil

"Really, an oil?" Yes! it may sound counterproductive but a natural oil will help normalise the sebum production without clogging your pores. A cream not so much, according to our skin therapist. So try to stay away from Day & Night cream until your skin has somewhat normalised.

The Organic Miracle Oil is truly (r)awesome thanks to its potent extracts of 25 wild grown flowers, herbs, algae and plants. The Oil has a light texture, is quickly absorbed and contains a wealth of medicinal and therapeutical ingredients. 

Organic Miracle Oil
Abloom Slow Skincare Strengthening Booster

Skin strengthening booster

To help prevent pores from clogging we advice you to use our Organic Enzyme Peeling 2 times a week. In addition, and to strengthen your skin's natural barrier, use our Green Detox Mask once a week. Our freeze dried organic masks can be mixed with honey (anti-bacterial) or kefir yoghurt (strengthening the microbiome of your skin).

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Nutritional advice

Cut back on dairy foods. They often contain the IGF 1 hormone which stimulates sebum production. Replace with nut milk (almond / cashew / oats). Cut back on sugar and fatty foods and increase your intake of fruits and vegetables and try to up your intake of omega 3.

Try to boost your immune system by adding supplements like Vitamin D and vitamin C (3000 mg). Drink plenty of water to relieve the kidneys and try to reduce stress. Maybe a bit difficult if you have bad skin, but very important because Cortisol is also a sebum stimulant.

Abloom Slow Skincare try avoiding make-up

Avoid mineral oil

in make-up

To help and calm the skin, our advice is to limit the use of make-up. If or when you can't do without try and make sure to avoid products that contain mineral oil. It is an ingredient that closes off the skin so it can no longer breathe and excrete sweat and dirt (the main function of your skin). In return your skin will produce even more sebum (because of that layer of “plastic”) but it can't go anywhere resulting in enlarged pores, blackheads, pimples and red spots.