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Skin Concerns

An uncomplicated range of products suitable for all skin types
Abloom Skincare is suitable for all skin types. Our 100% organic products are packed with phytonutrients. And we always use at least twice (but more often up to 4 times) the scientifically required dose, to get the best result. This way your skin always gets what is wants and more.
Do you have dry skin? It may be that your skin barrier has become unbalanced. This means you have an increased risk of developing fine lines, redness, and itchy skin, and makes it easier for bacteria to penetrate your skin. Not great news, but you can do something about it. Your best friend is the Miracle Treatment Oil. Apply it on top of your cream in the morning and evening.

Organic Miracle Treatment Oil - 15ml

Your skin produces a lot of sebum and might look somewhat shiny. Most important is to calm down the production of sebum and protect your skin against bacteria. Our recommendation is to use the Soothing Lotion. This will disinfect your skin in a gentle way. And use our Universal Bio Mask to build up your skin’s immunity.

Organic Purifying Cleanser - 15ml


Does your skin suffer from redness, itchiness, flaky patches or general discomfort? This could be caused by chemicals. Chemicals, like parabens and perfumes damage the lipid barrier of your skin and cause constant irritation. Your need to start building up your skin’s immune system.

If your skin is sensitive, you should be very careful about introducing our skincare products. Start with the Organic Daycream. It’s nice and gentle and will calm your skin down. Another thing to try is our Universal Bio Mask. Use this once or twice a week to build up your immune system. As your skin stabilizes, you could slowly introduce our other products.

Organic Day Cream - 15ml
Organic Universal Bio Mask


To calm your skin and remove bad bacteria, use an anti-bacterial product like Abloom Soothing Lotion. And don’t be too clean ! You must keep your good skin bacteria and some sebum, both are highly anti-bacterial. Cleanse your face only one time per day, in the evening and use a mild cleanser that also nourishes such as Abloom Purifying Cleanser.

Last but not least, use our Miracle Treatment Oil every other night. Oil is a substance that keeps moist in the skin. It also calms down sebum production. So especially for oily, acne prone skin we advise …..oil!