We only use 100% organic, food-grade, raw ingredients. Our ingredients are known for their healing, therapeutic and medicinal effect on skin. Once chosen and sourced from the world's best suppliers we leave them alone...

That’s right. We just let them sit for 3 months.

And then we use the ancient technique of cold pressing. The cold part is important, because ingredients are never heated above body temperature, preserving all their natural strength and potency. 

What else is important to know?

Abloom is highly concentrated

We use at least twice, but more often 4 times the scientifically required dose to get the best results.

Power plant Aloe Vera as a base

We only work with Aloe Vera as a base instead of water based solutions which are most often used in skin care products. 

Our No-No list

The list of what we DON'T use is very long. Definitely on our No-No list are fillers, artificial additives and synthetic perfumes to name a few.  


Aloe Vera