That’s right. We just let them sit for 3 months.

We treat our ingredients extremely well. Never heat them above body temperature, so they remain as powerful in the bottle as they were in nature. Extraction happens according to the raw food principle. A process that takes about 3 months to complete and enables us to catch every drop of nature's magic. 

This is what we call Slow Skincare. 

What else is important to know?

Abloom is highly concentrated

We use at least twice, but more often 4 times the scientifically required dose of ingredients to get the best results. 

Power plant Aloe Vera as a base

It  makes no sense to load high concentrations of potent ingredients onto a poor quality base like a mineral or water based solution. That's why we only work with aloe vera as a base.

More ingredients for more benefits 

We put on average 25 different certified organic ingredients in each product. Not just one or two. We pack our skincare with so many nutrients that we feed the skin in every possible way.

Our no-no list

The list of what we DON'T use is very long. Definitely on our No-No list are fillers, artificial additives and synthetic perfumes to name a few.