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July 2020

Visiting our partner farm in Zeeland this time of year is particularly rewarding since many medicinal flowers are in full bloom. Fields filled with marigold, lavender, Echinacea purpurea and other power plants colour the land orange and purple.

The farm – or ‘biosphere’ – in Groede (the Netherlands) consists of 17 acres of land exceptionally suited for growing medicinal plants. The heavy clay soil prevents weeds from sprouting en masse in the summer and releases water even in dry periods from a large natural well of water beneath the entire domain. The fields are maintained without using any pesticides and the farm is organically certified following the European organic rules. 

The team in Zeeland professionally processes the medicinal plants, weeds, sprouts and roots. Plants are manually harvested, meticulously dried, and then ground up or cut using advanced techniques.


This attentive refinement process explains the high quality of the raw ingredients that form the starting point of the creation of Abloom's extracts. Potent dried plants, herbs, roots, weeds combined with our well-thought-out extraction protocols, and our secret ingredient time, make all the difference.

That is what slow skincare is all about. 


All our products are 100% vegan, certified organic and/or wild harvested and cruelty free. 


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