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Article: Clear up acne with natural ingredients

clear acne skin naturally

Clear up acne with natural ingredients

It is important to understand what causes acne. During puberty  the regulation of hormones may cause  an overproduction of sebum, the oily substance in your glands. This is due to the hormone testosterone which in turn is important for the reproductive system in both men and women.  
The skin gets oilier in puberty. At the same time, the immune system decreases due to stress (school, puberty, body change and/or fastfood. In other words, there is more growth medium for bacteria (sebum). The result: inflammation and unsightly pimples.

Often women start at exactly that moment with make up that usually contains mineral oil. Mineral oil will close off the skin, while it is precisely with that higher sebum production that the skin has to "breathe". And because many people have a "dirty" feeling at the first best pimple, they also (aggressively) clean the skin which removes too much sebum again. But you also need the same sebum in the fight against the bad bacteria.
So acne is often, not always, a self-induced vicious circle without you even realizing it. The exception is adult acne: if a woman still has it AFTER puberty, there are other causes, including PCOS. Using  the right skin care products can help prevent breakouts, but using products with irritating ingredients can have the opposite effect.


• Cleanse your skin once daily preferably in the evenings.  Not twice, not even with Abloom products. It's hard, but the skin has to stay a little bit " dirty “. Cleansing will remove sebum but also the good bacteria in it that will help fight the bad bacteria. of the good bacteria in your sebum are very effective against the bad ones that cause acne. But do 1 x cleaning because of make up in the evening.

• After the cleanser use the Abloom soothing lotion (it contains more anti bacterial ingredients than our toner) 1 x in the evenings. 

• Follow with the Miracle oil. A natural oil will normalize the sebum production, a cream much less (not even the day cream). So no day cream.

• 2 x a week the enzyme peeling and mix it with organic honey . This peeling will prevent  clogged pores and honey is great for acne (because strongly anti bacterial). 

•1 x per week Green Detox Mask to boost the skin barrier and the immune system. 
 With acne you do NOT want to stimulate the skin so remove any residue gently with a soft cloth or cotton pad. 


• Cut back on cows milk / dairy. This contains the  IGF 1 hormone which stimulates sebum production. Replace with nut milks (almond / cashew / oats)

• Try to increase your overall immunity through supplements such as  Vit. D and  vitamin C. and echinacea. Drink plenty of water to relieve your kidneys.

• Reducing stress … ..difficult if you have bad skin, but very important. `The stress hormone cortisol is also a sebum stimulant.
• Last but not least : avoid the use of mineral oils in cosmetics and make-up. 


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