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Organic Eye Make-up Remover

  • • Gentle and soft for your skin. Removes all (eye) make-up effortlessly
  • • Treats the delicate skin around your eyes and provides additional hydration and nourishment
  • • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
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How it works

A real eye-catcher in Abloom's Slow Skincare range is our 100% Organic Eye Make-up Remover. The cleansing benefits of pure almond oil gently remove all make-up without irritating the eyes. Extracts of rosemary and fennel nourish the delicate skin around the eyes and provide extra effective hydration for the skin. The French lavender contains antiseptic and antibacterial properties and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Beauty routine

Apply a small amount onto your fingertips and apply the eye make-up remover all over face, eyelids and lashes, then gently wipe away using a cotton pad or wet cloth. If you are wearing contact lenses, it is not necessary to remove them.

Best in combination with the Purifying Cleanser to clean your face. Use the (Eye) Make Up Remover before the Purifying Cleanser. These products provides both thorough cleansing and a silky smooth and nourishing feeling for your skin.

Active ingredients

1. Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil - The oil is rich in Vitamin E, fatty acids, proteins, potassium and zinc, besides a wide number of other minerals and vitamins, which explains why it is so good for our heart, skin and hair
2. Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil - Natural anti oxidant with vitamin E and healthy fatty acids. Jojoba Oil has anti inflammaroty properties and works well to combat eczema, psoriasis and acne
3. Lavandula Angustifolia Flower Extract - Lavender tones and makes your skin firm as it boosts circulation, heals burns and detoxifies the skin
4. Citrus Aurantium Dulcis Flower Extract - Extract made from orange flowers that helps to prevent skin aging. Anti bacterial. traditionally used in several relaxing therapies
5. Althaea Officinalis Root Extract - Anti inflammatory, anti aging, hydrating and skin balancing properties
6. Chamomilla Recutita Flower Extract - Flower Extract. Anti inflammatory, anti bacterial, wound healing and anti itch. Works well against dry, rough skin and sun burns
7. Rosmarinus Officinalis Extract - Anti aging, improves skin elasticity, protects against free radicals and works disinfecting
8. Sambucus Nigra Fruit Extract - Strong antioxidant, strengthens resistance, works detoxifying and reduces scarring. Rich source of vitamin A and B6
9. Urtica Dioica Extract - Rich source of vitamin A, B, C, D and K. A high quality source of minerals and trace elements, proteins and amino acids. Supportive with acne and eczema
10. Commiphora Abyssinica Resin Extract - Powerful antioxidant that purifies, repairs, revitalizes and refreshes the skin
11. Styrax Benzoin Resin Extract - Relaxes and is particularly powerful against environmental influences. Also has positive effects on muscles and nerves
12. Melissa Officinalis Leaf Extract - Soothing for insect bites and sunburns. Works refreshing and relaxing for skin. True boost for the immune system
13. Foeniculum Vulgare Seed Extract - Rich source of potassium and zinc. Improves cell growth and development. Protects against pollution and free radicals due to high levels of anti oxidants
14. Fucus Vesiculosus Extract - Powerful seaweed that is regularly eaten in many cultures. Works strengthening, boosts blood circulation, protects the skin and prevents early aging
15. Undaria Pinnatifida Extract - This algae is a rich source of amino acids. It also contains a wide range of B vitamins and essential minerals. Hydrates the skin and prevents aging of the skin
16. Nereocystis Luetkeana Extract - This seaweed from the antarctic Ocean protects against the break down of collagen and cell membranes. It contains a lot of iodine, vitamin A and E, iron and calcium
17. Postelsia Palmaeformis Thallus Extract - This sea vegetable softens, nourishes and hydrates the skin. It also has anti aging properties

Our no-no list

Petroleum-based mineral oils and waxes:
Disrupts skin processes and causes dryness
1. Minerale olie / Mineral Oil / Petrolatum / White oil / Paraffinum Subliquidum / copolymeren / Dimethicone
2. Vaseline / Paraffinum Liquidum / Cera Microcristallina 
3. Microcrystalline wax / Ozokerit / Ceresin / Dimethicone / Acrylate Copolymer

Highly allergenic and cell-damaging
4. Benzoic Acid / Butylparaben / Chlorhexidine
5. Chlormethylisothiazolinon / Digluconate / Ethylparaben
6. Formaldehyde / Methylparaben / Phenoxylethanol
7. Propylparaben / Triclosan

Sun filters:
Can cause contact allergy, pigmentation spots, and damage coral.
8. Benzophenone 3 (Oxybenzone)
9. Octocrylene
10. Octinoxaat


1. Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil, 2. Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil, 3. Lavandula Angustifolia Flower Extract, 4. Citrus Aurantium Dulcis Flower Extract, 5. Althaea Officinalis Root Extract, 6. Chamomilla Recutita Flower Extract, 7. Rosmarinus Officinalis Extract, 8. Sambucus Nigra Fruit Extract, 9. Urtica Dioica Extract, 10. Commiphora Abyssinica Resin Extract, 11. Styrax Benzoin Resin Extract, 12. Melissa Officinalis Leaf Extract, 13. Foeniculum Vulgare Seed Extract, 14. Fucus Vesiculosus Extract, 15. Undaria Pinnatifida Extract, 16. Nereocystis Luetkeana Extract, 17. Postelsia Palmaeformis Thallus Extract

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