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The miracle of pregnancy

Being pregnant is one of the most beautiful adventures you will experience as a woman. With all the changes happening in your body it is vital for you and the health of your baby to start thinking about what you eat, what your habits are and what will be the best for that little wonder that grows inside you. You want to give your baby the best start possible.

Abloom Slow Skincare for pregnant women

what is in your skincare?

Women absorb almost 2.5 kilograms of toxic chemicals a year in their body. 60% of what you put onto your skin will be put into your bloodstream within 26 seconds! So it is very important for your health and that of your unborn child to opt for skincare that is 100% natural and toxin free.

Abloom Slow Skincare for you and your baby

safe skincare for you & your baby

"Natural skincare" sounds great but it may be a little bit misleading. You can call a product "natural" even if it only contains a few percent of natural ingredients. This doesn't mean it won't contain pesticides. So always look for products that are (certified) organic.

When pregnant the use of 100% organic products is very important. Organic is a protected term by law; this means that no pesticides can be used for 3 years on the plot of land where plants, flowers, herbs, vegetables, etc. will eventually be grown.

Abloom Skincare is certified organic so you can be sure that no pesticide residues or other harmful toxins or chemicals come in contact with your unborn baby.

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Abloom Slow Skincare Miracle Oil to prevent stretch marks

stretching the skin

During pregnancy your skin will have to endure a lot. You'll naturally gain weight because your baby has to grow! On top of that there is 5 more liters of blood flowing through your body. Due to weight gain and growth of your belly your skin will stretch out more and will be prone to stretch marks. To avoid this from happening it is best to nourish the skin with a natural oil as they contain important essential fatty acids. These fatty acids strengthen the cell wall of all cells in your body, including that of your skin. Collagen and elastin form a "network" in the skin, which provides firmness and thus also prevents the skin from stretching too much. The Miracle Oil from Abloom is full of anti-oxidants & essential fatty acids, so also highly recommended for the skin of the abdomen!

Organic Miracle Oil

the "pregnancy" mask

When pregnant your body will produce a significantly higher level of the female hormone oestrogen. This hormone will trigger a boost in melanin production and your skin may be more prone to developing hyperpigmentation on the face, also known as pregnancy mask.

A pregnancy mask affects many women, during the second and third term of pregnancy. The hyperpigmentation appears as discoloured, dark patches on the face.

💚 Try to stay out of the sun and wear a hat to cover your face from the sun.

💚 Use a cream with a natural sun protection.

Abloom Luminous SPF30+ cream protects, hydrates, rejuvenates and evens the skin tone with add pigments.

Luminous SPF 30+ Cream