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Article: In what order do I use my Skincare products?

Skin therapist BARBARA BAARS

In what order do I use my Skincare products?

Abloom Skin Therapist Barbara gives insights:

“ In what order do I have to use my skincare products,

what products to use and when?”.

It is a very common question that I receive in the salon often and I can totally understand this. It really is" a jungle" of skincare brands and different products to choose from.

A lot of brands work with a step-by-step plan but this might not work for you. Maybe you are too rushed in the morning or you don’t want to spend a certain amount of time on an extensive step-by-step plan like a double cleanse or a nourishing facial mask for example. 

The order of the products depends mainly on the difference in substance; an oil does not have the same "structure" as a hydrating cream. And by structure I actually mean the molecular structure. This sounds a little bit technical, but in short: some substance have a more dense structure than others. the molecules are closer together. 

Your skin is your biggest organ

Your skin is ultimately the organ that is in direct contact with external influences. On the surface of the skin you want a slight saturation of products. This is important to protect against external influences ( keeping the skin barrier balanced and healthy) but also to keep moisture locked in and keep your skin well hydrated. It is best for your skin if products are applied in order of lightness. So always start with  the lighter substances, and then follow with the heavier ones. Since the heavier, such as oil (based) products penetrate the skin less deeply than the lighter ones (a serum for example).  This way the products interact but don’t interfere with each other. 

Customers also ask me if it isn't especially important for skincare to penetrate very deeply into the skin? That is partly true: active ingredients must also penetrate the skin where they can optimally stimulate and nourish all functions.

But it is equally  important to give optimum protection to the surface of the skin and keep the skin barrier healthy and resilient. 

What is correct way to use the products? 

After cleansing the most logical order is: toner (or lotion/tonic ), serum (a non-oily serum!), cream and last but not least natural oil (not mineral oil, read blog about : Mineral oil). I don't mean to say that you should necessarily use all of the above products. A lot depends on your daily routine and your skin needs/ concerns . For example if you only want to use a toner and oil: first use the toner, then the oil!

1. Cleanser (for a double cleanse: first  use the oil based make up remover)  then the purifying cleanser)

2. Lotion and/or toner

3. Serum

4. Day Cream or Night Cream

5. Oil

6. SPF30+ Day Cream always use as a last step




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