Facial Massage Techniques

Facial Massage Techniques

Incorporating the right facial massage techniques into your daily skincare routine can be the secret not only to improved radiance but to a firmer, wrinkle-free face. Stimulating the skin improves circulation, which brings more blood cells to the skin, more oxygen and better absorption of products.  


  1. Pop 3-4 drops of ABLOOM Miracle Oil into your palms and rub together to warm the oil. 
  2. Close your eyes and hold your hands up to your face, taking a few deep breaths in to enjoy the aroma of the oil. 
  3. Gently press the palms of your hands to your face and move your hands outwards in smooth sweeping movements, working from the center of the face outwards. 
  4. Massage the oil into your skin for 1 minute using your fingertips and starting from the center of the face, working outwards and upwards in small circular motions. 
  5. To firm and tone the jawline, bend your index and middle fingers on both hands and place your chin between your knuckles. Glide along your jawline to under your ears in a sweeping motion. Repeat 6 times.  
  6. To improve your facial contours, place the pads of your thumbs under your cheekbones with your palms facing outwards and gently push up. Work from the center of the face outwards. Repeat 6 times. 
  7. To improve fine lines and wrinkles across brow area place your fingertips on the center of your brow and with firm pressure sweep upwards and outwards moving toward the hair line and finishing at the temples. Repeat 6 times. 
  8. Finally, sweep residual oil into the back of your hands to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on hands.  

Remember to use sweeping motions with your fingers, starting from the center of the face and working your way outward. Light pressure (not too aggressive) will be enough to encourage lymphatic drainage and rejuvenate the skin. 


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