Slow is the way to go

Slow is the way to go

What makes our skin care slow?

Abloom products are meticulously formulated using high quality, raw, whole plants, each chosen for their therapeutic effect on skin.

Our complete range is a carefully selected blend of organic ingredients, designed to infuse the skin with bioactive nutrients and nourish it in every possible way. Our highly effective skincare products stimulate cell renewal, moisturise, boost collagen production, improve elasticity, and balance sebum production.

We begin with sourcing biodynamically grown, wild and organic plants, herbs, seaweeds and virgin pressed oils from over 20 different countries. Only the very best ingredients are used.

The selected ingredients are then placed in barrels, shaken and turned once a day. They are left to sit for 3 months, allowing nature and time to do their work.

This abundance of phytonutrients is then blended, following a meticulous process, at a temperature that never rises above 36 C, thus avoiding damage and loss of essential properties and ensuring that all of the powerful antioxidants and nutrients end up in our extracts.

Following 3 months of extraction the tincture is pressed out.

This potent mix is not the only active substance used in our skin care lines. All of our products are carried on a highly nourishing base of aloe vera gel, with added cold pressed virgin oils like shea butter, almond oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil and buriti oil. We don’t use water, as it does nothing for the skin.

And last but not least we do not use preservatives, synthetics or fillers in any of our skincare products. These are convenient for adding shelf life, but are toxic for your skin.

This is how we make our active, organic and vegan skincare line. And that is what we call slow!
At Abloom we make sure we catch every drop of nature’s magic.



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