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The difference between skin types and conditions.

Your skin type is genetic and determines the production of sebum. A genetically dry skin produces less sebum than an oily skin.

There is not much you can do to change that. Not by what you eat nor by the products you use. So in fact there are only two skin types: dry and oily, and everything in between.

The Slow Skincare Revolution

The condition of your skin is different to your skin type. It says something about the state of your skin within the boundaries of its type. If you are ill, using medication, experiencing a lot of stress or not taking proper care of your skin, you might develop redness, dullness, a build-up of impurities or irritation. The good news is that all skin conditions can be treated.

Dry skin.

There is a difference between lack of moisture and lack of sebum. A lack of sebum can be genetic or caused by hormonal changes brought about by aging. Your skin may be flaky and fine lines will appear. A lack of moisture can be treated. If your skin is dry, use as little water as possible. Instead of a cleanser, use Hydrating Toner on a cotton pad to clean your skin. You could also use the Organic Nightcream during the day, as this is somewhat fuller. But your best friend is the Miracle Treatment Oil. Apply it on top of your cream and repeat several times per day.

When it comes to food there are a few things you may want to add to your diet. Eat plenty of Omega 3-fatty acids, like walnuts, avocados and flaxseed, choose fruit and vegetables with a high water content, like cucumber, melon and celery and drink lots of water. Sea Buckthorn juice is getting good reviews. Remember to get plenty of sleep and cut down on alcohol and coffee consumption.

Oily Skin.

Your skin produces a lot of sebum and might look somewhat shiny. An oily skin itself might not be a problem, and even has the advantage that you are less prone to wrinkles. However, when your pores clog and become inflamed, you do have a problem. Another thing is that your pores might be somewhat enlarged, because of the large quantities of sebum passing through.

Here’s our most important advice: don’t drink cow’s milk! This contains growth hormone and could cause even more sebum production. Testosteron has the same effect. It’s no coincidence lots of boys develop acne in their puberty. That’s why we also don’t recommend vigorous strength training (which promotes the production of testosteron) if your skin is suffering from inflammation.

Furthermore: take high dosages of vitamin C daily and crill oil. Funny enough the right fatty acids (nuts, flaxseed, avocado) really benefit the skin. The same reason why we recommend our Miracle Treatment Oil. It seems counterintuitive, but essential oil will calm down the production of sebum and protect your skin against bacteria. Drinking green tea is anti-inflammatory and stabilizes hormonal levels.

Another strong recommendation is to use the Soothing Lotion. This will disinfect your skin in a gentle way. And use our Universal Bio Mask to build up your skin’s immunity. If you are very concerned or are suffering from acne or rosacea, please contact us. We would love to help you on your way to a beautiful, healthy skin.

The good news is that all skin conditions can be treated.

Sensitive skin.

Does your skin suffer from redness, itchiness, flaky patches or general discomfort? There could be two things causing this. Either your immune system is low. Or you are using the wrong products. Or both. Chemicals, like parabens and perfumes damage the lipid barrier of your skin and cause constant irritation. Your skin will even start producing the stress hormone cortisol. Here’s our advice: Stop bullying your skin. And start building up your immune system.

The first thing is to load up with as many anti-oxidants as possible by eating lots of fruits and vegetables. You might consider supplementing with high dosages of vitamin C (2000-3000 mg per day), zink and echinacea. Stress often is the largest cause of low immunity and the cause of many skin conditions. We understand this is hard, but lowering your stresslevel is mega important. Meditate on a regular basis, you only need ten minutes, do yoga and cancel that date you don’t really feel like. You can do it and your skin will be grateful.

If your skin is sensitive, you should be very careful about introducing our skincare products. Abloom contains many active ingredients and this could be quite a shock to your skin. But give it time. Start with the Organic Daycream. It’s nice and gentle and will calm your skin down. Another thing to try is our Universal Bio Mask. Use this once or twice a week to buil up your immune system. As your skin stabilizes, you could slowly introduce our other products. Please contact us for guidance or questions. Rebalancing a sensitive skin is a process and we would like to help you with it.

Psoriasis, rosacea, acne and excema.

In fact these conditions are strongly related to your immunity. The guidelines for sensitive skin apply here as well. However, we strongly advise you to contact us. Overcoming one of these conditions doesn’t happen overnight and it’s a delicate process. We will guide you personally to a healthy, beautiful skin. Yes, it will happen eventually.

Broken capillaries / spider veins.

Weak vessel walls are hereditary, often this comes together with varicose veins. The problem is that once stretched out, the wall cannot bounce back. The only way to treat the existing damage is by laser treatment. But you can prevent the formation of new breakage. Using our Cell recovery Mask on a regular basis will strengthen your vessel walls. Another advise: take a tincture of horse chestnut.

Enlarged pores.

This problem occurs often with oily skins. If an overload of sebum runs through the pores, its elasticity will decrease. The bad news is: once widened, forever widened. The one thing you can do is temporarily tighten them by applying astringent plants like witch hazel, used in both our Soothing lotion and hydrating toner. Another thing we recommend is using the Miracle Treatment Oil. This will help calm down sebum production, so your pores will become less dilated.

Dull skin.

High levels of stress, unhealthy eating habits, air pollution, lack of sleep, smoking… can make your skin look dull and lifeless, and cause bad circulation. What you need to do (apart from leading a healthier lifestyle, as you already know), is to stimulate your skin as much as possible. Massages are perfect for this, especially facial massages. Our Organic Blossom Mask was especially created to give even the most tired looking skin a wake-up call.

Fine lines and wrinkles.

You can’t prevent wrinkles and fine lines completely. They are part of the natural aging process of the skin, as well as a result of facial expression. You could try to never smile again, but taking proper care of your skin on a daily basis will go a long way towards slowing down the process. All Abloom skincare products contain vitamin C to stimulate the production of collagen (fullness) and elastin (elasticity). Taking large daily doses of vitamin C also helps. Furthermore we advise you to massage your face every day and to use a dermaroller (no bigger than 0.5 mm) to activate your skin.

Another thing worth doing is: stop eating sugar! Sugar causes a process called glycation, which permanently damages proteins in your body. And proteins are the building blocks for elastin and collagen.

Furthermore: eat food containing silica, like oats, raisins, brown rice, spinach and lentils. Silica is an essential trace element needed for your skin to produce collagen. Berries are full of antioxidants, also very beneficial for your skin. Eat as many, of all kinds, as possible and use our Cell Recovery Mask, which is made of berries.

Sun burn.

Uh oh. What you should really do now is cool your skin and leave it alone. Make a soothing cold compress with our Hydrating Toner, which is full of Aloe Vera, the best thing for sunburns. Don’t use any other products on your skin until the redness subsides.

If you regularly spend time in the sun, make sure to eat foods high in beta-carotene, such as carrots, pumpkins and sweet potato, to help protect your skin.

Shaving rash.

Ingrown hairs, razor burn, rashes, bumps - shaving is not easy on your skin. We have developed a special routine that will prevent unwanted side effects and nourish your skin in the process. Suitable on your face, but also your legs, armpits and bikini area.
Moisten your skin with lukewarm water. Mix two pea-sized dollops of Organic Cleanser with one of Organic Miracle Treatment Oil. Massage into your skin with circular movements until it lightly foams. Shave and rinse with lukewarm water. Follow with a few drops of Soothing Lotion.

Brown spots.

As you age, your stock of melanin diminishes. As a result the pigment in your skin will start to cluster, forming brown patches. Conditions like pregnancy melasma can also trigger hormonal changes that affect skin pigmentation. Unless you use harsh chemicals, which will cause a lot of unnecessary harm to your skin, there are unfortunately no skin products that will naturally remove these spots. You can improve your skin clarity and prevent dark spots from getting worse by using our Miracle Treatment Oil with Liquorish. Always protect your skin from the sun and try eating more beta carotene-rich foods like carrots and pumpkin.

Stretch marks.

If your skin expands too quickly because you’re pregnant or growing fast, connective tissue can tear and leave stretch marks. Once there, they can be extremely hard to get rid of. You can prevent them however, by using our Miracle Treatment Oil.


Milium cysts are small white bumps that can appear under dry skin. They develop when keratin gets trapped beneath the surface. It helps to drink a lot of water and use our Organic Enzyme Peeling mask on a regular basis. Don’t try to remove them yourself, ask a beautician to remove them professionally and hygienically.