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We do not offer hundreds of product varieties.

The reason is simple: our products provide everything every skin needs to be healthy.

A healthy skin eliminates toxins, maintains a healthy sebum layer, produces elastin and collagen and neutralises the attacks of skin damaging free radicals. With proper nourishment your skin can perform all its functions and as a bonus look radiant. Our daily skin-routine consists of three steps: Cleanse, Balance & Feed. And of course you can Spoil your skin once in a while with our extra treatments.

Cleansing is good, but not too often.
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Cleansing is good, but a lot of people cleanse too often or with products that irritate the skin. If you ‘strip’ your skin of natural oils, it will dry out and because the protective barrier is weakened, blemishes are more likely to occur. That’s why Abloom products are made of natural ingredients that will cleanse gently, but thoroughly.

A toner restores the skins natural barrier.
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This step is very important! Especially after your skin has been in contact with water, it’s essential to use toner or lotion. Water interferes with the ph of your skin, giving bacteria a better chance. A toner rebalances the acidity, restores the skins natural barrier and makes you less prone to break-outs.

Your skin will love all the phytonutrients.
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Your skin will love all the phytonutrients our creams and oil have to offer. You will not find a more complete nourishment elsewhere. Another big plus: we use aloe vera as a base in stead of water (check out the ingredient list of regular brands, the first thing you will see is ‘aqua’). Aloe is an amazing plant with fantastic moisture retention properties. Where water is merely a filler without any added benefits. So the choice is obvious.

As if you go to a beautician once in a while.
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It would be great if you would go to a beautician once a month for some extra tlc, but thankfully there is enough you can do at home as well. Treat your skin to a mask or peeling once a week. Our masks and peeling are dried. Activate them by mixing them with yoghurt (goats- or plantbased), kefir or honey.