Holistic Beautifying Skin Treatment


We developed the Holistic Beautifying Skin Treatment for anyone who wants to experience the relaxation of a wellness treatment and the cleansing feeling of a facial. This treatment can exclusively be booked at salons that use Abloom products. The Holistic Beautifying Skin Treatment is a mild facial treatment based on special massage techniques and our regenerating beauty products. Pure indulgence that leaves your skin visibly improved.


The treatment

The facial treatment consists of using warm compresses to open the pores of the skin, after which three different massage techniques are used. Your skin is optimally cleansed, receives an intense peel, and is deeply nourished with an organic facial mask that is selected especially for your skin condition. The facial is completed with a complete day or night treatment.


Massage techniques

Deep tissue, acupressure, and lymphatic drainage: the three different massage techniques that make this treatment so unique. The rhythmic application of the deep tissue technique activates your connective tissues and stimulates the extra production of collagen and elastin, giving your skin a real workout. By stimulating the acupressure points, an unbalanced energy flow can be improved and restored. This also relaxes the muscles and the connective tissues. Lymphatic drainage aids the drainage of waste products where necessary.


Relax and improve your skin

This facial is a wonderful, complete, and skin-improving treatment that gives your skin a real boost. You can book your Holistic Beautifying Skin Treatment at these salons. Extend the results of your treatment by using a holistic skincare routine at home as well. Discover our skincare products here