I always have dry hands. What can I do to fix this?
Try applying equal amounts of Organic Soothing Lotion, Organic Miracle Treatment Oil, and Night Cream to freshly washed hands and massage well. These products have a wealth of natural oils and nourishing organic ingredients that restore the natural balance of your skin.


My boyfriend suffers from difficult ingrowing hairs that are very painful. He is currently using a cream that contains steroids to ease the pain. What do you recommend?
We have received a great deal of positive feedback from our male customers about our shaving and exfoliating treatment.
Using a scrub once a week, or as often as needed, could help. Mix a teaspoon of the Organic Universal Bio Mask with a few drops of the Organic Miracle Treatment Oil and blend into a spreadable paste. Apply the scrub to damp skin with your fingers using a circular motion. After rinsing off the scrub, apply the Organic Soothing Lotion.
You can even make your own shaving cream by combining the Organic Purifying Cleanser with a few drops of the Organic Miracle Treatment Oil. Apply to damp skin in circular motions to create a light foam. Shave and rinse. Then apply a small amount of the Organic Soothing Lotion.

Please note: If you have acne, skip the scrub and continue to applying the shaving cream. This treatment is also perfect for shaving your legs, the bikini line, and your underarms.


I have been using products from Abloom for two days now. These products make my skin tingle and turns slightly red. Is this normal?
Yes, this is normal. All our products are 100% biologically active. The combination of ingredients brings increased amounts of oxygen and blood to the surface of the skin and may result in a temporary, reddish reaction. This skin reaction is fairly normal when you change products or brands and is something that often happens when you start to use organic or raw products. Your skin simply needs to get used to it. Most skincare specialists recommend an adjustment period of two weeks. If you still feel uncomfortable with the way your skin reacts, you can contact us by completing the contact form on this website.


What do you recommend for sunburnt skin?
Our Organic Hydrating Toner can ease the burning sensation. Rinse the sunburnt area carefully with lukewarm water and pat dry gently with a clean towel. Apply the Organic Hydrating Toner directly to the skin and let it absorb. Repeat as often as needed. Also hydrate your skin with the Organic Night Cream.


Do Abloom products provide a sun protection factor?
In a sense, they do. Our entire line has an inherent sun protection factor from its high concentration of natural plant-based ingredients. This natural protection equals SPF 6. We recommend applying the Organic Hydrating Toner to the face and body before, during, and after sun exposure. For daily protection against the sun, you can also apply the Organic Miracle Treatment Oil and Day Cream to your face. Always use sun cream with a high SPF when going into direct sunlight.


Can you recommend a good sun cream to use in combination with Abloom products to increase the SPF?
We recommend that you use a product that contains zinc oxide.
Do Abloom products stain?
The natural ingredients of Abloom products may leave marks. Products such as the Organic Universal Bio Mask, for example, are a dark green colour and are made of vegetables, sea products, and different types of grass that may leave stains.


On the facial mask it says that I need to mix it with honey. Is agave a suitable alternative for regular honey?
Yes, agave can be used instead of regular honey. This is especially useful if you find honey to be too sticky. Raw and organic are they keywords to consider when selecting an ingredient. Regular, non-organic honey and agave are often sprayed with high doses of insecticides. If you use this honey or agave in your facial mask, these pesticides are absorbed by your skin. So, always select an organic, raw product.
Why do we recommend using honey? Honey is nature's first aid kit. It is a traditional ingredient that has been used in beauty products for thousands of years. It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and has a wealth of active enzymes. Honey is also incredibly hydrating for your skin. When applying a facial mask, the honey melts in response to body temperature and turns from a sticky substance into a product with a silky soft texture. This, in turn, keeps the facial mask moist and in place.
If you prefer not to use any honey or agave, the facial masks can also be mixed with water and still deliver the expected results.


What combination of essential oils does Abloom use in their products? Can these cause allergic reactions?
All our products include a list of the ingredients that they contain. However, the exact combination of oils and the ratios are patented. If you have a specific allergy, please contact us by completing the contact form on this website. We are happy to inform you whether the product contains a certain ingredient and in which amount it is present.
Please note: many inferior essential oils used in products by other brands are extracted using a cheap, chemical process. In many cases, somebody will have a reaction to this chemical and not to the essential oil. We exclusively use high-quality, 100% organically certified essential oils that are extracted by cold distillation.


Where do Abloom's herbal extracts come from?
All our herbal extracts are made by hand in our factory in Zwolle. We extract these over the course of three months during which the products are pressed multiple times. This ensures that no valuable substances go to waste.


Why do you recommend using organic goat's milk yoghurt to mix the facial masks? Is there an alternative ingredient I could use?
We recommend organic goat's milk yoghurt because it contains beneficial probiotics, healing enzymes, and lactic acid and works as a natural exfoliator for your skin. Organic goat's milk yoghurt hydrates the skin, making it an excellent product to combat the signs of ageing or for treating acne-prone skin. These hydrating qualities support the ingredients contained in the facial mask. We chose organic goat's milk yoghurt instead of cow's milk yoghurt because of the risk of allergic reactions to cow's milk.
Our customers have also successfully experimented with spring water, raw organic honey, and organic green tea or fruit tea as alternative mixers for the facial masks.


Some of your products contain grapefruit seed extract. I have read that grapefruit seed extract may contain the preservative benzethonium chloride.
We produce our own grapefruit seed extract and do not use any preservatives during this process. We can safely say that our product does not contain any benzethonium chloride.


Some websites warn against the use of biologically active products that do not contain any conservatives, as they may contain bacteria and have limited shelf-life. I am a loyal customer of Abloom, but I'm not sure what to make of these claims.
We do not use any synthetic preservatives in our products. Each product has its own natural preservation system that is enhanced and supported by our patented composition of essential oils, herbal extracts, and endogenous enzymatic activity.


Can I use the Organic Miracle Treatment Oil on the rest of my body?
The Organic Miracle Treatment Oil is suitable for use on the body, face, and hair. You can use a small amount after taking a shower or bath. We recommend that you apply the product to damp skin and to massage it in well.
Regular use of our products stimulates the natural and gentle exfoliation of your skin. If you are looking for a product that specifically exfoliates the skin, we recommend using our Organic Enzyme Peeling once a month.

Can you tell me more about the qualities of Abloom facial masks?
Of course! We'd be glad to share more information about our two facial masks. All our facial masks are biologically activated when a liquid is added and must remain moist while applied on the skin.
1. The Organic Enzyme Peeling is perfect to use on skin that needs a little refreshing, renewal, and rejuvenation. This is a gentle and effective anti-ageing treatment. The mask removes dirt that has collected in the skin while adding essential phytonutrients, antioxidants, and minerals creating a purifying and radiant effect. Suitable for all skin types. Use once a month for the best result.
2. The Organic Universal Bio Mask nourishes and rejuvenates sensitive, mature and/or irritated skin. It is perfect to use after a peel, microdermabrasion, IPL treatments, etc. Use once a month for the best result.

Please note: the best way to keep the facial masks moist is to mix them with one teaspoon of liquid. Suitable mixing agents include organic raw honey, organic goat's milk, two drops of Organic Miracle Treatment Oil, or a few drops of spring water. You can combine these techniques for an optimal effect.


Why doesn't Abloom use glass bottles or jars for their products? I was under the impression that pure, botanical ingredients had to be kept in dark packaging. Is this not more beneficial to keep a product fresh?
Our packaging has been selected with care. Glass often contains impurities, such as lead, that are difficult to regulate. Glass bottles and jars kept in bathrooms or in the treatment rooms of beauty specialists are also more likely to break. Moreover, glass is heavier than plastic. This makes shipping more expensive and also requires more fuel, which is bad for the environment.

Please note: all our packaging is recyclable and does not contain BPA (Bisphenol A).

I noticed that your products smell different than other personal care products that I have used.
Our products have a natural, clean, and organic scent, as the ingredients are sourced from the forest, ocean, and herb and flower gardens. Our products do not contain artificial perfumes. The pure scent of our products is derived from the plants and essential oils they contain, so that each product has its own particular scent and personality.
Our male customers, who often dislike skincare products because of their perfume, have given positive feedback about the natural and clean scent of our products.


What is the shelf life of Abloom products?
Because of the special airless packaging, Abloom products can be kept for one and half years. Our products also do not require refrigeration. We recommend that, just like other skincare products, the products are stored in a cool place at room temperature and kept away from direct sunlight.


I am a beauty specialist who chooses not to use steam. Can I still use the Abloom facial masks?
The best way to keep the facial masks moist is to combine them with a teaspoon of organic raw honey, organic goat's milk, two drops of Organic Miracle Treatment Oil, or a few drops of spring water.
Follow the steps below as an alternative to steam:
Apply a layer of the facial mask mixture to your client's face. Next, apply a warm, damp gauze over the face, leaving the eyes and nostrils uncovered. Apply the remaining facial mask mixture on top of the damp gauze. Allow the mask to work for ten to fifteen minutes. If the mask begins to dry out, moisten it by using a misting spray water bottle, for example.


I use medication that causes my skin to become extremely dry. What do you recommend?
We recommend that you also use the Night Cream during the day instead of the Day Cream. You can also add two to three drops of the Organic Miracle Treatment Oil to the Day and Night Creams. Blend well and gently massage into the skin. Wait a few minutes for the mixture to be absorbed properly by the skin and apply make-up as usual. You can repeat the process at night or only use the Organic Miracle Treatment Oil.


Are Abloom products safe to use on babies, children, and during pregnancy?
Yes. Always avoid the sensitive eye area, unless using the Eye Cream. The Organic Miracle Treatment Oil is also perfect to use for stretchmarks that can develop during or after pregnancy. The Organic Soothing Lotion is especially effective for treating eczema and other skin conditions.


Are Abloom products suitable to use if you have acne? Is there a particular product you would recommend?
The entire Abloom Holistic Skincare line is especially suitable for sensitive, acne-prone, and mature skin.
The Organic Soothing Lotion is an essential product for acne-prone skin, as it is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. You can apply the lotion to irritated spots or on the entire face. The Organic Soothing Lotion is a non-greasy, hydrating product that is very effective for acne-prone and problem skin.
If the acne is in a highly active phase, we recommend using the Organic Purifying Cleanser and Organic Soothing Lotion in your daily skincare routine. At night, use the Organic Miracle Treatment Oil after cleansing your skin. The Organic Treatment Oil has a therapeutic effect on your skin and restores its natural balance. Massage a small amount of the Organic Miracle Treatment Oil into your skin before bed. As soon as the inflammation subsides, you can include other Abloom products in your daily skincare routine.