Abloom: unique holistic skincare

Abloom products are made from the purest ingredients sourced from farmers who respect their land and all that lives on it. Many of our ingredients are picked by hand which allows us to select only the very best from the harvest.


All our products are vegan and are not tested on animals. No artificial perfumes are added to our products. Yet, our products are not scent-free. Instead, they have a subtle, natural aroma.


We cherish our relatively small-scale production, which enables us to ensure the quality and purity of our products.



A palette of 20 active ingredients

All our products are handmade in our factory in Zwolle. Over a period of three months, the extracts are carefully drawn from the ingredients and processed. This process includes a triple pressing to ensure that all the good that nature has to offer is extracted from the ingredients. This infuses all our products with their unique wealth of wholesome ingredients. Because we are patient and take our time, the ingredients never have to be heated above body temperature. This ensures that they don't lose their strength or efficacy.


Many synthetic skincare products are mostly made up of water. But we use Aloe vera extract, instead of water, as the basis for our creams. This makes our products much more nourishing for your skin And while many skincare products are based on just one or two active substances, all Abloom products contain around twenty active ingredients that rejuvenate the cells, revitalise the skin, are anti-inflammatory, and soothing: everything you need to rebalance your skin. The skin knows and takes what it needs. That's why our products are suitable for all skin-types and skin conditions.