Why you should avoid 95% of all skin care products!

Spoiler: mineral oil

Mineral oil is a very common ingredient in skincare products, but why is this oil not doing any good for your skin?

First, mineral oil is a liquid by-product of refined crude oil to make gasoline, so it has no nutritional quality. It does nothing for the skin.

Second, the oil doesn’t work as a moisterizer, but it forms a layer on your skin that clogs the pores, disrupts the moisture balance and the circulation of oxygen of the skin.

In case of long-term use of mineral oil the natural oil on your skin can dissolve and lead to further dryness. The skin becomes lazy and does not produce sebum anymore. This is called a paraffin addiction. It takes at least 4 weeks to rebalance and detoxify your skin.

It’s true that the oil keeps the moist in but it also keeps harmful toxins in that normally find their way out naturally. The skin can not breathe, holds the toxins and therefor disturbs the functions of the skin.

Last but not least it prevents the other (healthy) ingredients in your skincare from doing their work.

Only when the skin is really damaged (open) you can apply mineral oil to keep bacteria out.

Mineral oil has many names like paraffin, paraffin liquidum, vaselin and white oil and is even used in baby oil.

Please check the ingredients list on your creams and oils.