Collagen, how do we keep its production in shape?

Collagen is what we need to look young and keep our skin flexible and firm.

Collagen is produced by fibroblasts, the most important cells in our connective tissue, and consists of protein. Collagen production declines with age and exposure to factors such as smoking, pollution and UV light.

Some do’s and dont’s regarding this topic.

First of all. It is impossible to make up for its deficits by using creams that contain collagen. The structure of collagen is too thick to enter the deeper layer of the skin so it doesn’t do anything inside. But….It is a perfect humectant, which means that outside the skin it absorbs water from the environment and holds it in the outermost layer. And that makes you look more plumped. This lasts for about 4 hours.

Collagen as a supplement is also tricky because the human body doesn’t absorb collagen whole. Our body breaks it down in the digestive system into amino acids that the body uses wherever they’re needed, but that will not automatically be your skin.

We believe that stimulating the body’s natural production of collagen by feeding it with bioavailable nutrients is the best and most healthy solution. Like vitamin A, C and seaweeds (in your skincare) like Gotu Kola, Camu Camu, Kelp, Quinoa etc. 

In addition to the use of natural skin care that stimulates collagen production you can use the Dermaroller. This is a small roller with tiny needles. When using the device the skin is slightly damaged and fibroblasts react by producing extra collagen to restore the skin. This has a positive effect on your looks. For reducing fine lines and wrinkles you can best use the roller with 0.75 to 1.0 mm needles. Roll before going to bed and you will soon see the difference.

Finally there is the deep tissue massage. This massage promotes blood circulation, speeds up the removal of toxins and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. It will tighten up the skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.